The challenge program consists of different steps. The individual phase will be explained below.

1. Application collection
Every interested citizen must submit a proposal for the city’s application, after registration.
The deadline for submitting applications to citizens is 28th January 2018.
The proposal received, will be automatically sent by META Group to the Mayor of the city, who will be charged to submit a single official application of the city by 28th February 2018, considering filled in forms by the citizens.

2. Choice of finalist cities
After applications collection, these will be evaluated by a jury, that will select and establish finalist cities.

3. Public vote
The finalist cities list will be published on the website and will be communicated to individual city via certified e-mail.
From 6th to 20th March 2018, it will be allowed to Italian citizens to vote on the website the most entrepreneurial city in Italy, by connecting and registering to the website.

4. Pitching Event​
On 30th March 2018, the finalist cities will introduce a 5 minutes pitch (a presentation of the city) in front of a jury, appointed by an organizational company, with the aim of demonstrating the importance and structure of entrepreneurial ecosystem of the own city.